Ch-ch-ch-ch Changes

November 30, 2023
For anyone who has undertaken a construction project, reading the words “change order” might make you cringe a bit. After...
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Value Engineering Demystified

July 18, 2023
Value engineering is one of those terms that many in building and construction use, but it isn’t always clear exactly what it...
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Is Construction a “Risky Business?”

March 31, 2023
Ever heard the saying “No risk, no reward?” In construction, we could change that to “No risk management, no reward!” Of...
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Schedule Snafus and Strategies for Success

December 22, 2022
We are in an interesting time in the construction industry. If you have recently completed or are in the midst of a...
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The Five Ps

September 27, 2022
You’ve chosen a location, hired an architect, and secured your financing…time to get cracking on your construction...
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The Ups and Downs (and Ups again!) of Pricing

June 16, 2022
These days you can’t scroll through LinkedIn or Twitter or watch the news without hearing about extreme price...
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The Terlin Difference

March 24, 2022
When it comes to choosing a general contractor for your project, it can be easy to be overwhelmed with choice. But this...
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Pre-construction: The Foundation for Success

February 23, 2022
Much as a building’s foundation is of critical importance, so too is the pre-construction process; it lays the foundation for...
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Positioning Your Project for Success

January 25, 2022
Whether they are COVID-related, due to labour shortages or sky-rocketing demand (or all-of-the-above, and then some!), the...
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The Benefits of an Apprenticeship Program

October 15, 2016
Apprenticeships give aspiring professionals the real world experience they need to get the edge. Getting ahead of the crowd as an...
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