Pre-construction: The Foundation for Success

February 23, 2022

Much as a building’s foundation is of critical importance, so too is the pre-construction process; it lays the foundation for your construction project’s success.

But what exactly is pre-construction? And why is it important? In the initial planning stages of a project, our team works closely with the client and the design team to develop detailed drawings, schedules, budgets and manpower projections before construction starts.

The team works to define the project, prepare cost estimates to meet the budget, identify potential construction issues and solutions, and ultimately determine the most efficient use of money and resources. A thorough and deliberate pre-construction process is extremely important to ensure the project goes as planned and all potential needs are identified and addressed.

Terlin has worked through the pre-construction process with many of our clients. One such client is Green Acres Family Dental, who opened a modern, welcoming new space in August 2020. Dr. Seaby approached Terlin as she was getting ready to negotiate for a new location. Our team toured the space with her and her designer, TRUform Interiors, and together determined the challenges that the space presented.

Next, Terlin, TRUform and the team from Sinclair Dental worked collaboratively to determine how best to bring Dr. Seaby’s vision to life. A design concept, initial budget and schedule were developed, and the earlier-identified challenges were addressed. Once approved, tender drawings were developed, and optimized for budget, schedule and quality of finishes. This process allowed Dr. Seaby to feel confident that there wouldn’t be major surprises during the tendering process or once construction began.

The other advantage of employing a pre-construction process is that once construction itself begins, the team is already functioning in a collaborative way, and all parties have a deep understanding of the client’s objectives and expectations. In the case of Green Acres Family Dental, a satisfied client is proof of that strong foundation:

“Terlin were a pleasure to work with. From the very beginning, every nail, every handle, every corner was planned and finalized to a tee. They delivered on time and on budget even through a pandemic, and the result is a beautiful, functional space that staff and patients love.” – Dr. Mairead Seaby

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