Infrastructure Security

Protecting people in public spaces has become an imperative – it is no longer effective to just try and keep people safe.

We must consider, and execute, a new approach – we must make spaces safer for people. A building, a public square, sidewalks and streets, a city; they are all vulnerable to new forms of domestic and foreign terrorism, but these spaces can be made safer without being unwelcoming.

Infrasecure is a strategic, global partnership of world class protection technology enterprises that specialize providing proven products & services in high-security solutions across a variety of threat profiles.

Terlin Construction’s founder, Terry McLaughlin, is leading the Infrasecure Group – a consortium of companies he’s identified from around the world whose mission is to design and implement highly specialized security products and systems that make spaces safer for citizens, customers and clients. Applying its experience as an established leader in the provision of construction management, perimeter protection, blast/ballistic mitigation, entry control and hostile vehicle mitigation Terlin Construction will implement these products across Canada and the globe.

The Infrasecure Group consists of:

  • Terlin Construction Ltd
  • Dynasystems
  • Exsel Dytecna Ltd
  • Perimeter Protection Group

Infrasecure Group makes spaces safer for people, critical infrastructure & corporate assets . Typical applications include:

  • Airports
  • Municipal gathering places
  • Communities and related public spaces
  • Iconic & historical buildings and infrastructure
  • Stadiums
  • Embassies & Diplomatic Missions
  • High profile Retail & Office locations
  • Government locations
  • Financial sector sites
  • Industrial sites
  • Military (Permanent & Expeditionary)
  • Prisons
  • Other Critical Infrastructure (power generation, railways, pipelines, hydro, telephony, water, etc.)

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