Positioning Your Project for Success

January 25, 2022

Whether they are COVID-related, due to labour shortages or sky-rocketing demand (or all-of-the-above, and then some!), the current challenges to global supply chains are unprecedented. Disruptions in construction material supply chains have sent prices soaring and builders scrambling to find materials and solutions.

If you’re preparing to build or renovate, planning as far as you can in advance is pivotal to ensure you aren’t caught out by shortages or price escalation. Terlin can help.

The best way to mitigate the challenges is for us to work in collaboration with you and your design team during the pre-construction phase of your project. Your design should be developed with as much flexibility as possible, in terms of budget, schedule and materials. This will help avoid getting locked into solutions and materials that may not be available once the project is tendered.

It is important to have options—flexibility is key to setting the project up for success. It may be necessary to make decisions that are less cost effective but more schedule effective. Or you may need to adjust your timelines in order to get your preferred materials. We will all work together to consider alternative materials and assemblies. Once a collaborative plan is in place, we recommend pre-ordering materials directly from the supplier as soon as possible. This will help alleviate the risks to the schedule, and set your project off on the right foot.

Ready to talk to us about your upcoming project? Contact Terry McLaughlin, President, at (613) 821-0768 or terry@terlin.ca.