Luxus Hotel

St. John’s, NL

As St. John’s newest high-end boutique hotel, the Luxus is a showpiece of design and craftsmanship. This establishment has only 8 rooms and serves the most demanding of clientele, so the Terlin Millwork Division had to provide top quality room and service cabinetry done in luxurious finishes to exacting specifications. Working closely with the architectural firm responsible for design, the Terlin production office developed shop drawings to meet the client’s needs and then produced, shipped and installed all product on the site. Again, our in-house install team went to St. John’s for the full duration of the install and the end result speaks for itself. When working out of province, and most especially on an island, the logistics of transport are critical. Terlin was able to navigate these challenges successfully and ensure that product arrived at the site on time and in good condition. Our installers are able to adapt to any differences in site condition from plan and for this reason we use our own staff instead of contracting out installation locally.