Gloucester Dental Centre

Gloucester, ON

The doctors of Gloucester Dental Centre had an urgent need to expand their practice and a very challenging environment within which to accomplish their goal. As a mall practice it was very difficult to shut down for any extended period of time. The scope of work included a full remodeling of the reception area along with the addition of four new operatories. The project faced additional challenges from slab damage incurred during a tremor that had affected both walls and ceilings in the space.

Working collaboratively with the clinic ownership, the interior designer, the dental equipment supplier and a local engineering firm, Terlin was able to complete this project with only a three week shut down period for the clinic; this shut down was accomplished over the Christmas break and resulted in an absolute minimum of disruption to the day-to-day care provided to patients. This was the result of careful staging of the project by the Terlin project manager and dedicated on-site supervision – a critical component of the Terlin project management process.