Part of Terlin Construction’s unique services is the onsite, state-of-the-art, European-inspired mill workshop. The in-house millwork shop produces custom building construction quality interior and exterior finishes, cabinetry, and other decorative components. The Terlin millwork shop uses a variety of modern and traditional materials, including wood, synthetics, plastics, and composites to create items such as:

• Built-in elements such as bookcases, shelving, counters, entertainment centers, and more
• Custom cabinetry
• Columns and mantels
• Doors and windows
• Door, window, and threshold frames and trims
• Stairs, railings, and balustrades
• Wall features including paneling or chair rails

Terlin Millwork operates as an independent division of Terlin Construction with its own clients and staff. Led by European trained project managers and shop foremen Terlin Millwork Division has established a reputation for excellence with General Contractors and direct clients both locally and nationally.

Terlin Construction is able to take advantage of the close proximity of the millwork shop to control project schedules, costs and delivery timetables – a significant value add to construction projects. Last, but certainly not least, the close relationship between the Construction and Millwork divisions allow clients to customize their order throughout construction if site conditions demand or additional requirements are identified.

Millwork Process


Each project begins with a design drawing. We coordinate with talented designers - with budget, application and project schedule in mind - to bring our client's vision to life.

Material Selection

Materials are selected for each element of the project to complement the final space and project vision.


Through a comprehensive scope review and analysis of the project, we can provide time and cost saving options to meet your budget needs. Once designs are approved, they are reviewed by the Terlin Millwork Project Manager and detailed estimates are provided.


Our shop drawings are tailored to communicate with designers, architects, and clients. We believe that our drafting department is one of our biggest assets. You can rest assure that what you see on paper is what you will see when your project is complete.


Millwork projects can be very complex, and no one likes avoidable mistakes. Although approvals are a part of each step in the process, a final approval of all drawings, materials and estimates is required to move a project into production.


Our craftsmen vary the method of construction based on the needs, challenges and opportunities offered by each job. Our facility utilizes the latest in computer assisted equipment to provide the highest level of quality control. Our fabricators are some of the best in the business, and their attention to detail is unmatched.

Quality check

We know that a defect or error in assembly is costly. At Terlin Millwork the shop foreman executes quality checks multiple times throughout the assembly process and all completed products are then inspected by the Millwork Project Manager prior to being prepared for shipping and installation.


Our installation teams are professional, courteous and attentive to our client's needs. Our team of installers takes pride in the installation of all of our jobs. This ultimately gives you a final product that you can be happy with for many years.


After installation is complete, Terlin completes a walk-thru with the client and/or consultant to ensure that there are no deficiencies and/or to address any issues.


Terlin offers a standard 1 year warranty on all in-house millwork.